Why Dura-Cast | Sustainability

We take seriously our responsibility to preserve and sustain our earth’s resources, and actively pursue opportunities to decrease our impact on the environment. This is one of our company’s core values and is integral to our identity as an organization.

Regrind ResinWe researched, sought out, and purchased a pulverizing machine to add to our plant in order to launch a robust, on-site recycling program.  We have a dedicated team who break down old or unusable products, retaining any casters or fittings that can be utilized for other projects. The products are then cut up and put through the pulverizing machine to shred it into pebble sized pieces that can then be ground into resin and reused in future projects. As a part of our project feasibility process, our Engineering team will let a customer know if using reground resin is an option for completing their project depending on how the product will be used.

We also provide our customers with a product return service. When their carts, trucks, bins, or tank is no longer needed or have exceeded their service life, we are happy to pick up the product to recycle the plastic.  We have dedicated a portion of our north lot for storage so that we can accommodate these requests and responsibly dispose of the products without adding to landfills.

In short, it is important that we provide our customers with sustainable solutions, while minimizing our impact on the earth and demonstrating our commitment to protecting our environment.