Rigid Polyliners

Rigid Polyliners are excellent tools that can extend the life of your refuse containers. Our extensive line of polyliners are available in a range of sizes and shapes to address the needs of your facility, and can be molded in your choice of resin color to match your decor and brand identity. Your facility will look better, your personnel will appreciate using our quality Rigid Polyliners, and your container costs will be reduced.

If you have unique requirements for traditional Rigid Polyliners or require Rigid Polyliners to handle specialty applications, please contact us.

Rotationally molded for a seamless and durable final product
Low-Linear Density Polyethylene Resin is lightweight, corrosion resistant, has high-impact strength, and is easy to clean
Compounded with Ultraviolet stabilizers to resist UV deterioration
Resin options include anti-bacterial, anti-static, conductive, and recycled
Polyliners are nestable to save storage space and minimize shipping fees
While the standard color is traditional black, the Rigid Polyliner can be customized for specialty applications or to match your facility
Wall thickness can be customized to your specific requirements
Finger Holes, Oval, or Rectangular Hand-Slots can be designated for any Rigid Polyliner
Polyethylene has a strong tendency to return to its original shape when severely distorted