300 Gallon Refuse Container

The 300 Gallon Refuse Container is the ideal automated container for apartments, light commercial buildings, or as a shared container for multiple families. Rotationally molded using tough cross-linked polyethylene, the container can withstand harsh treatment, is resilient to tearing and cracking, and will retain its appearance after years of use. A built-in ultra-violet agent prevents the container from becoming brittle and ensures years of use in a range of weather conditions. The 300 Gallon Container never needs painting and will not crack, dent, or rust. Smooth inside walls ensure refuse is dumped cleanly to eliminate call backs. The front lid is easily customized with contrasting colors to designate refuse, recycling, or green waste collection.


Refuse containers operate in challenging environments, where they must survive lifting mechanisms, over-filling, dropping, and rough handling. Rotomolded containers are tougher than injection molded containers because extra material is built into critical wear areas for additional durability. These stronger areas minimize cracking and splitting, which translates into a longer service life. The 47″ height makes it easy to load.

The double-wall, split lid is lightweight for easy opening, stays open for loading convenience, accommodates large bags, and closes automatically with minimal noise when set back on the ground after dumping. Domed top and sloping overlapped edges help prevent moisture from entering the container, keeping odors inside and animals outside.

Lid attachment has four “molded-in” hinge holes designed to add strength to the container and minimize damage to hinge area.

Lid rotates 110° for easier loading, dumping, and independent closing, after container is emptied.

The 300 Gallon Refuse Container weighs 90 lbs. when fully assembled, and is 53″ high with a loading height at 47″. It comes in standard colors of black and dark green, and can be customized in a range of colors upon your request.