A broad spectrum of colors are available for all-through coloring of rotomolded polyethylene products. Colors are either pigments that can be dry blended with natural white resinat our facility, or colors that are chemically bonded into the resin by specialty resin suppliers.

Standard Available Colors

We stock the following standard colors:

Blue (Navy) 103Yellow (Mustard) 125
Brown (Chocolate) 113Tan 126
Gray (Dark) 104Terra Cotta 109
Green (Aquamarine) 118White (Natural) 100
Green (Jade) 128

NSF Pigment

The following pigments conform to the requirements of NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 and NSF/ANSI 372 for the storage of potable water:

Black KOGray (Cool) A1
Blue (Marine) 14Gray (Light) K3
Green (Hunter) J4

Optional Colors

Optional colors may have increased special formulation costs, can have unique process requirements, and/or may require additional post mold cleaning. Please contact us for a price quote and for specific details.

Bronze 111Granite (White) 602
Dayglo Green 132Green (Fitz) 110
Dayglo Pink 133Orange (International) 124
Dayglo Yellow 131Purple 129
Glow in the Dark 130Red 107
Gold 137Teal 105
Granite (Emerald) 604White (Opaque) 402
Granite (Pink) 606Wine 136
Granite (Sand) 603Yellow (Sunshine) 116

Custom Colors

We can order resin in a range of Pantone colors or have it color custom matched to meet your requirements. This option requires a 12-month color stocking fee and may incur additional cost over standard color prices. Please contact us for  more details and to receive a price quote.